Investors Relations

    •  Quarterly Financial Reports (only Arabic version available)

Financial Report- 1st Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
Financial Report- 2nd Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
Financial Report- 3rd Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
Financial Report- 4th Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
    • Financial Data Analysis (only Arabic version available)

      The content includes analysis of financial data through comparison between time periods
Financial Data Analysis (Ratio) till 31.8.2020
Financial Data Analysis (Ratio) till 31.12.2020
    • Shareholders' Structure:

      The content includes the largest shareholders & contributors in the bank plus percentages:
A list of the twenty largest shareholders

  • Traded shares and their market value:

    • The year 2020 did not record any shares trading until 31.12.2020
    • The market value per share is one Iraqi Dinar (IQD 1)

  • Board of Directors at Region Trade Bank for Investment and Finance
Board of Directors 2021- Arabic