Investors Relations

    •  Quarterly Financial Reports (only Arabic version available)

Financial Report- 1st Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
Financial Report- 2nd Quarter 2020 /Arabic/
Financial Report- 3rd Quarter 2020 /Arabic/

    • Financial Data Analysis (only Arabic version available)

      The content includes analysis of financial data through comparison between time periods
Financial Data Analysis (Ratio) till 30.9.2020

    • Shareholders' Structure:

      The content includes the largest shareholders & contributors in the bank plus percentages:
A list of the twenty largest shareholders

    • Meetings of the General Assembly 2020

      No meeting of the General Assembly was held untill 30.9.2020

  • Traded shares and their market value:

    • The year 2020 did not record any shares trading until 30.9.2020
    • The market value per share is one Iraqi Dinar (IQD 1)

  • Board of Directors at Region Trade Bank for Investment and Finance
Board of Directors 2020