Financial Inclusion Activities 2021

The National Campaign to support using Payment Cards - 1st video
The National Campaign to support using Payment Cards - 2nd video

About Financial Inclusion


Financial inclusion is the solution to all your economic and health problems because
this year is differed with the spread of "Covid 19".
The experience of "Nafie" is the best proof.
# Arab_Financial Inclusion Week
# Online Payment
Be from a family of financial inclusion in Iraq!Ap1aTnwoJ4CNpSwiuIIFa23_kBGa?e=Pcdejn


Be part of the Financial Inclusion family in Iraq

For the first time in Iraqi, superhero flies in the sky of Baghdad, and she is a superhero girl..
Watch the story of the superhero "Banker Woman", who fights every criminal whose goal is to influence
people's livelihood. # Financial Inclusion Week #Electronic Payment # Be part of the financial inclusion family in Iraq!Ap1aTnwoJ4CNpTOvRW_XKKqldWe8 

Banking Awareness & Public Protection Dept.