A message from the Chairwoman 
Dear Shareholders, Customers and Colleagues,
Iraq has faced many challenges in the past years particularly from the economic inflation that had a significant impact on the Iraqi market.  But despite all these unfortunate events, Iraq managed to rise stronger than before with the GDP growth of 2.5% in 2018 which is expected to increase further in 2019. With macroeconomic in Iraq projected to take a positive turn which is due to the factors played hand in hand such as the great security provided both by the Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government, the oil price rising along with large sum of Investments in reconstruction of Iraq have all unified to portray a stable Iraqi market which has attracted many foreign investors.
The Central Bank of Iraq financial programs has played a crucial role in stabilizing the country’s economy which has made IQD to become far more stronger in the market. As part of Central Bank of Iraq’s Development plan targeting the local SMEs by giving out a total loan of IQD 40 Billion, our bank was given 11% of the portion of the amount to help out the regional businesses grow as we did successfully. 
We take pride in our bank’s remarkable success in 2018 in which we have managed to increase our assets by 0.149%, and there’s been an outstanding growth in Investments by 44% which has generated an increase in the net profit by 10% in the second quarter of 2018.
We believe our bank has played a major role and a positive influence on boosting the Iraqi market by providing the best banking services to both international and local corporates, particularly to importer and exporters besides being the leading bank in Trade Finance Business in Iraq. 
One of the principles our bank has always stuck by, is customer’s satisfaction. We have always valued our customer’s demand and used the latest techniques and business models to plan a banking strategy that meets our customers’ expectations and provides an easy-access banking service.
The main factor of our bank rising in the Iraqi market and attracting an outstanding number of both local and international clients recently, is the remarkable performance of our staff and delivering a professional customer service and this is due to the competent and hardworking personnel we have employed since I’ve started serving as a Chairwoman. 
We are proud of our achievements and what we have accomplished in the past months which is all thanks to the trust and confidence you have invested in RT Bank and my capability as the Chairwoman. We shall continue developing and expanding our services and regional presence and remain as your number one choice in banking.
On behalf of our Board and myself, I would like to thank our loyal customers, hardworking staff and supportive shareholders and would like to assure you, we shall remain committed to our Mission, Vision and Values and will dedicate ourselves to lead a global, reputable and successful bank.
Hamela Gardi