Department of Banking Awareness and Public Protection

In order to enhance the trust of our customers in our bank and spread banking awareness to support economic stability with applying of financial inclusion, the management of RT Bank has set up Banking Awareness and Public Protection Department.

  • Established in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq.
  • To meet the Bank's desire to provide the best service to the public and to meet the needs and requirements of the fullest..
  • Help customers build a solid banking history.
  • Educate customers about their rights and obligations and protect them from attempts to circumvent them.
  • Taking into account customer feedback, opinions and impressions.
  • Organize contact points between the bank and the public.
  • Working to achieve greater value than the customer dealings with the bank.
  • Honesty and transparency when providing information
  • Request for the appropriate product or service.
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of the product or service.
  • Non-exposure to the risk of compliance with all duties.
  • Inform the Bank of irregular transactions.
  • No disclosure of private banking information.
  • Consult the bank when facing financial difficulties
  • Do not sign incomplete forms.

Complaint Form

You can contact the bank regarding complaints according to the form or inquiries and for further information by the following means:

• Via eMail Banking Awareness Section
• Via the call center numbers: +964 750 777 97 77, +964 771 777 97 77
• P.O. Box 58, 735 Iraq